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Bankruptcy can be a lifesaver - Literally!

Believe it or not, there are some people who think that the only way to escape debt is through death.

In my 30 years of practice, I have had the pleasure of handling Chapter 7 Bankruptcies for a lot of very dear, sweet people who have been unsuccessful (thank God) in taking their own lives...over bills! They couldn't see any way of ever paying off their debts.  Have you ever felt trapped like that? Like you were in a permanent box, or at the bottom of a deep dark pit? That's how they all described how they felt.

They assumed that they had no options, no choices, or that any "options" would be too painful or too embarrassing to live with.  In short, they assumed the worst; its human nature to do so.

Never Assume!

The greatest fear is the fear of the unknown.  I am glad to say that the those clients' financial stories all had a happy ending.  They all successfully resumed their lives and got rid of 100% of her "impossible debt load'- all without any pain.  I will qualify the "pain" comment by saying that although they did not encounter any external source of pain, they beat themselves up with self-imposed guilt.

And let me say something about self-imposed guilt- GET RID OF IT! None of this, and I mean NONE of this is personal-It's all business. Although the nasty bill collector who calls to taunt and harass you gives you the impression that it's personal (it certainly does feel that way, doesn't it?) it's NOT.  To that person, you are just a number; that collector has 200 files on his desk.  Its not personal.

In addition, the creditors are making an OBSCENE profit off your debt.  Do you realize that by the time you call a bankruptcy attorney, you are probably paying 29.99% interest?  You are probably being charged a "late fee" and an "over-limit-fee"-every month.  In fact, by the time most of my clients come to me, they have paid for the goods and services twice over!  Thats 100% interest.  Think about it- you've probably been paying on your debts for years without the balance ever coming down.  So, as I said, do not feel guilty and what ever you do, do not feel sorry for the creditor!  The creditor did not feel sorry for sending you blank checks with your bill every month, knowing that using them would send you deeper and deeper into debt. 

Do not feel sorry for creditors. However, if you do, and if some day you win the lottery or make a fortune you can pay back the poor creditor then.  The thing about bankruptcy is that it prevents your creditors from forcing you to pay, but it doesn't stop you from paying them voluntarily - some day - when you strike it rich!

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